James A. Skognes

President, CEO, and General Partner

Mr. Skognes started his healthcare career with Johnson & Johnson where he held numerous positions in Sales, Sales Training, and Sales Management for the corporation. Mr. Skognes also served as Training Manager for the surgical division of Johnson & Johnson. Mr. Skognes was a Principal Marketing Consultant for The Coker Group, which established comprehensive physician relations programs for large hospitals and medical centers throughout the United States.

Mr. Skognes was one of the founders and served as President & CEO of Precept Healthcare Group which established and contracted with Independent Physician Associations (IPAs) throughout the country. The expressed purpose of Precept Healthcare Group was to introduce these IPA networks, along with their affiliated hospitals, to new managed care opportunities.

Through his healthcare career, Mr. Skognes has established many valuable payer relationships with health insurance companies, third-party administrators (TPAs) and self-funded employer groups. Following the sale of Precept Healthcare Group, Mr. Skognes founded Provider Services of America, Inc. (PSA) where he serves as CEO and President. PSA was established to bring additional value added products, programs, and services to physician networks throughout the country with whom PSA has business relationships. PSA targets those value added products, programs and services, which increase practice profitability, increase practice efficiencies, and lower costs for the physician’s practice.

Mr. Skognes also sits on the Board of Patient On Line, which is a French-based, Web-enabled medical records product that is being utilized in Europe.

Mr. Skognes graduated from the Hankhamer School of Business at Baylor University.