Discounted Ink, Toner, & Drum Cartridge Program

To order, please contact us at:
(770) 390-9183

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Tired of paying too much for your ink & toner cartridges & drums?

PSA’s Ink & Toner Program is one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of ink & toner cartridges & drums for all brands of printers, copiers and fax machines You no longer have to pay the ridiculously high prices for ink, toner and drum prices at the big box stores. Our program features the following:

  • All ink & toner cartridges and drums are manufactured here in the USA
  • They are manufactured using all new "drill & fill”
  • All ink, toner and drum products are shipped right to your door
  • We send you a Request For Quote form which you fill out stating what ink, toner and drum products you currently use. Once you complete this form, you send it to us and we fill out the rest of the form and send a formal quote back to you reflecting the significant discounts
  • You place orders one of three ways: 1) Order by phone, 2) Use our email order form, or 3) Use our fax order form.

Request a Quote

For discounted pricing on your own ink and toner cartridges, ask for our Request for Quote form and provide your model numbers, toner cartridge numbers, and your current pricing. Upon receipt of your form, we will send a formal quote back to you indicating the discounted pricing for your practice.