Specifically Designed For Physician Networks

PSA Offers All of Its Programs, Products and Services Under the Banner of the Provider Network

PSA works with physician and dental networks throughout the United States to bring the “best-of-breed” programs, products and services to their network members through a unique model whereby PSA private labels this purchasing program for the Network thus allowing all of the PSA offerings to be marketed under the Network banner on an ala carte basis. The practices pick and choose those items that best meet their needs.

This private labeled program also creates a revenue share on all PSA offerings that are sold to network members to help support the infrastructure of the provider network.

PSA Manages the Process

PSA, along with our strategic partners, is responsible for the selling, implementation and on-going management of the programs, products and services that are sold to network members through the network’s private labeled Program as established by PSA.

This Program Sets You Apart from Other Provider Networks

While most provider networks are responsible for managed care contracting, utilization review and credentialing for their member physicians, most do not offer a comprehensive program for purchasing of programs, products and services for their member practices. This program serves as a great recruiting tool to attract other physician practices to your Network.

This program should not be an arms-length organization that works with the individual physician’s practices that are members of a provider network. It should be perceived by the provider membership as their own purchasing program that they can use to find solutions to their most pressing needs.

The Model of Choice for Provider Networks

This model has been presented to provider networks throughout the country and all indicate that this is the model of choice. This program offers solutions for your most pressing needs. Products and services can be purchased by the provider network member and their practice personnel on an ala carte basis.

The revenue stream that results from these marketing efforts serves to support the on-going viability of the provider network.

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