Our $41 Billion Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)

  • doctorIs now the largest GPO in the country — providing medical practices with significant savings on virtually everything they purchase for their practices. This includes all of your medical supplies, equipment, computers, etc.
  • There is no charge to your practice for becoming a member of the GPO. The GPO software allows you to see the actual cost of all of your medical supplies. Once you become a member of the GPO, you can use this cost information as leverage to get your local distributor to reduce their pricing to your practice on many of the items that you currently purchase from them.
  • Our GPO program clearly puts you in control of what you are willing to pay for your medical supplies, equipment and other items for your practice.

Program Highlights

  • Reduce total supply expense with a comprehensive contract portfolio for medical, office, and surgical supplies; pharmaceuticals; laboratory and capital equipment; radiology; food and nutrition items; and executive services.
  • Simplify supply management through our powerful, searchable online catalog to manage your supply needs by measuring contract and price compliance, as well as providing rapid access to contract detail, line item pricing, and more.
  • Reduce capital equipment expense by purchasing certain capital equipment directly from the manufacturer... thus cutting out middle men.
  • Improve efficiency and streamline your office by replacing multiple vendors and building your own customized program using PSA technology and know-how to achieve financial and operational goals. can continue to purchase your supplies from your current local distributor...but now your distributor has to honor these deeply discounted prices for all of your medical supplies!