Allergy Testing Program

These tests are conducted by your own medical technician who is trained by the Allergy Testing company.

This program will generate a significant new revenue stream to your practice!

The doctor’s reimbursement economics are as follows:

  • Initial Cost for Allergy Test Kit: $3,950
    (NOTE: The cost of the first Allergy Testing Kit includes 35 patient tests, marketing materials, forms, and the initial on-site training.)
  • Each successive 35-test kit costs $2,950
  • Average reimbursement is $420 per patient test.
    (NOTE: Please check the reimbursement rate for CPT code #95004 in your state. To calculate your reimbursement, find the dollar amount “per allergen” that is reimbursed. For example, there are 70 allergens tested in our program. If the amount allowed in your state for CPT code 95004 is $7.00 per allergen, your total reimbursement per test would be $490.00.)
    $420 x 35 patient tests = $14,700 Testing Revenue
  • PLUS...the physician will also bill for reimbursement of an office visit and patient education session for each patient = an average of another $108 per patient.
35 patients x $108 for office visit = $3,780
+ Testing Revenue of $14,700
= $18,840 Total Revenue

Total Gross Reimbursement to Doctor from 1 Test Kit $18,840
Less Cost of Initial Test Kit (which includes on-site training)   $3,950
Net New Revenue to Practice $14,890
  (net profit to practice)

NOTE: This does not include the revenue from the immunotherapy that lasts for up to 3 years per patient + revenue from office visits. As patients are tested, many test positive for the allergens that are used in the test. For those patients who wish to proceed with the immunotherapy to treat their allergies, the physician will benefit from the immunotherapy revenue stream for those patients until the immunotherapy is no longer necessary.