Annual Wellness Visit Program

Maximize your revenue by performing Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

Through our Provider Services Program, we are pleased to introduce a turnkey service to help physicians complete the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit for their patients.

This full-service program is 100% compliant and takes the workload away from your practice by managing these visits as we act as an extension of your practice. There is even an outreach method from the company that sends out letters and calls all of your active and inactive patients to schedule and perform an initial intake of the Annual Wellness Visit on your behalf. We specialize in presenting the value of the wellness visit to the Medicare patient so they will want to come into your practice for their annual visit.

There are no upfront costs for the practice. There is also no additional work by the physician or practice to implement this program. This visit can be performed by any nurse, CMA or mid-level under the physician’s supervision.

New revenue is generated to your practice as follows:

  • This visit is covered for all Medicare Part B and Advantage patients on an annual basis.
  • Code GO438 is used for the initial visit. Reimbursement rates vary by state. The reimbursement range is $160-180 per patient for the Annual Wellness Visit.
  • Code GO439 is used for successive visits. Reimbursement rates vary by state. The successive visit reimbursement range is $115-$130.
  • Patient risk factors generated by the proprietary report will, on average, justify an additional 3-4 patient visits for problem-focused care – billable to Medicare using your normal fee schedule.
  • The total generated revenue equates to an average of over $500 per Medicare patient

If this program processes 500 Medicare patient visits.... that could generate over $250,000 in extra revenue for your practice!