Revenue Cycle Management

How Much Revenue Is Your Practice Losing Annually?

Most practices may be throwing away more than 15% of their annual net revenues as a result of insufficient revenue cycle management and lack of coding expertise.

The traditional cost containment measures have proven ineffective at sustaining margins with decreasing and delayed payments from payers, stringent compliance requirements, change to 5010, staff training and turn over, preparations for ICD-10, etc.

$1.5 Billion has been collected by our billing & collection company nationally

Our Solution

Our provider services program offers a new strategic partner for your billing and collections.

If your practices have had difficulty finding competent billing and collection personnel or a billing and collection company with proven results and client retention to meet your needs, then consider our new Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) strategic partner.

Consider the Following:

  • Our national and collection firm has over 50 years combined healthcare experience and prides itself on making sure claims are correct the first time, which results in timely and consistent cash flow for your member practices.
  • They offer their services on an ala carte basis... the practice chooses specific services they need. All services are designed to be compatible with your existing practice management system.
  • The firm has been guided by the same management team for 18 years and is rated among the top 10% of RCM companies nationwide.
  • They assist each practice in qualifying for meaningful use funds.

You Receive

  • Positioning for long-term financial success through our integrated billing intelligence that flows throughout the care process — from check-in to care delivery and check-out.
  • The luxury of focusing on patient care instead of worrying about unpaid claims, unpredictable cash flow, and the shift from fee-for-service to value-based payment models.
  • Opportunity to secure proper payments and keep operations financially sound with our closed-loop, 360° solution that seamlessly connects to our EHR program. It leverages the rich clinical data gathered as you deliver patient care.

Program Benefits

We focus on achieving first-pass pay rates of >90% so practices experience significant and tangible benefits including:

  • Improved collections
  • Shorter accounts receivable cycles
  • Accelerated cash flow with faster cycling
  • >95% net collection rates
  • 30-50% reduction in back-office work and related operating costs
  • Minimized claim rejections, speedier resubmissions
  • Faster patient statements, resulting in greater satisfaction and prompt payment.

Reduced compliance risks: Be prepared for sweeping new regulatory requirements.

No ICD-10 slow down: Our software is ICD-10–ready and includes tools to help you minimize revenue loss, denials and days in accounts receivable. Our practice management software empowers your practice to begin thinking, acting, coding and billing in ICD-10 as early as you’d like — select your own transition date or let the software automatically switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10 codes on Oct. 1, 2014. Multiple layers of automation and validation ensure a smooth transition. And if select payers aren’t ready, the system will continue to bill them in ICD-9 until they catch up.

Hosting Services: Save thousands of dollars and reduce your data security risks with our Hosting Services. Keep the solution you know, without the costs, risks, and burdens of your on-premise system.

  • Reduced IT-related costs
  • Peace of mind your data is safe
  • Help your office staff work more efficiently with a faster system